Crime Statistics

A Word About Crime Comparison and Analysis

The Police Department is constantly reviewing crime statistics and making comparisons of previous months and years to ensure we are meeting the needs of our community. In this review, we attempt to identify crime trends, suspect identifiers, and commonalities among our victims, if any. We also take a close look at what we are doing, and what, if anything we can do better in our crime reduction efforts. Based on our comparison and analysis, we then develop and implement plans to assist us in our crime reduction efforts.

Even though we are working hard to reduce crime, each citizen must make a preemptive strike of their own to reduce their chances of becoming a victim. Joining neighborhood watch, utilizing operation identification, and registering your vehicles with the Combat Auto Theft (CAT) program can aid you in helping keep your property safe. While there are no foolproof means or guarantees of personal and property safety, a concerted effort in crime prevention should help.